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I Live To Honour You

Lord I live to honour You
And I long to bring my life an offering
Take me higher
Draw me deeper
I give all to be with You


This is the first verse in the song entitled "Be with You" which has become a significant expression of my heartfelt gratitude and love towards God. He is indeed the awesome, powerful, omnipotent and almighty God.

The reason I first came to Raphah Ministries was due to some emotional issues which I was facing, and I was just too helpless to resolve all the issues that were bothering me until I felt suffocated by them. It was at that point that I prayed to God to deliver me from all my problems so that I could face the future with more confidence and hope.

Miraculously, I was then referred to Raphah after I confided my problems to my cell leader and pastor. I told myself that I would persevere to seek and follow Christ even though I knew the journey to total freedom would be definitely challenging.

Spiritual warfare began after the first seminar I attended at Raphah Ministries back in 2011; but little did I know then that it was the turning point of my life to spiritual and emotional recovery. Coming to Raphah was definitely God's divine appointment for me! It was a God-given opportunity for me to be delivered, healed and restored.

I had numerous eye-opening experiences encountering God during all the seminars and ministry sessions since then. I am still learning new insights regarding the healing ministry which covers the various aspects of healing of the spiritual, emotional and physical person.

I vividly remember the first time I attended the seminar on "Healing the Human Spirit." It was then that I learnt that I am tri-partite, that I am made up of spirit, soul and body. This really showed me that as an academician, I had limited knowledge and understanding aout God and His divine purpose for me in life. Hence from that moment, I decided to sign up for more of the seminars offered.

Two examples of my spiritual battles.

1.    I heard funny animal noises such as dogs barking during my sleep at night.
2.    I saw images of a cobra trying to attack me.

During the initial stages of my ministry sessions, I had body pains and headaches just before coming to Raphah. Nevertheless, God has been good to me because He has delivered me from the attacks of these demonic spirits through a gradual heaing process.

When I attended the seminar on "Healing from Accident and Trauma" in March 2011, God did a miraculous healing of my human spirit when He showed me the exact scene of what actually happened to me when I was seven years old. We were in the second session of seminar when I had a vision of myself falling off a tree and it felt like I was experiencing the fall all over again and the shock that overtoook me sent shivers throughout my boy. I had totally forgotten about  that accident but God just resurfaced it so that I could be healed from that particular trauma.

Immediately, a second scene flashed across my mind and I saw myself trapped in my grandfather's old car. Apparently, my grandfather had left me alone for a few minutes while he went to a gambling den in nearby Chinatown. I guess he was too engrossed in that activity to remember that he had left me locked up in the car. Meanwhile, the car had started rolling into a huge drain as he had accidentally parked it near the drain and I was crying out for help. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that I was only eight years old back then.

Soon, a huge crowd had gathered and a few men were trying to rescue me. Eventually a kind gentleman jumped down into the drain and told me to wind down the window. I did what he instructed and he managed to pull me out of the window and carried  me up onto the pavement. It was not my imagination as my baby-sitter later confirmed that this incident really happened.

As the vision unfolded, I felt extremely fearful and traumatised by it. During the final session of the seminar, I was prayed over by the seminar faciliatator and God delivered me from the spirits of fear and trauma from the above-mentioned incidents.

Since then, the Lord Jesus has been teaching me, delivering me and healing me from many complext issues that had held me captive and which had prevented me from reaching my maximum potential as a child of God.

It has been a great blessing for me to be a part of the big Raphah family where I have been helped by experienced teachers and counsellors appointed by God to help those hurt, wounded and suffering believers to be set free by God's healing power.


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