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Reclaiming a City's Destiny


On Friday evening, 24 May, we believe a "shift" occurred in the spiritual realms above Iloilo City, Philippines, when at the end of 7 loud shouts of "Jesus Reigns" a flag emblazoned with the same words was planted by Dr. Agnecio Listano, Chairman of Raphah Life Rebuilders Inc., Philippines, in the spot marking the exact centre of the Philippines. 

This symbolic act came at the end of a stirring and challenging Reclaiming the Ground seminar conducted by Raphah Ministries Malaysia - in partnership with Raphah Life Rebuilders, Inc. - at the Central Philippines University (CPU). Seminar participants, facilitators, and specially invited guests had adjourned from the auditorium to the University field with the intention of publicly and visibly proclaiming their desire to see Jesus enthroned and reigning over the Philippines and her peoples again.

Recognizing the significance of the symbolic act, select individuals had been indentified and invited to "stand in the gap" as representatives on behalf of the University, the Pastors in the City, the Fathers of families, and the Local Government.

Dr. Bogacia, a Vice-President of CPU; Pastor Normandy of Ikthus NextGen Church; Pastor Tony of the Iloilo Unified Ministers' Fellowship; and the Honorable Jeffrey Ganzon, Vice-Mayor of Iloilo City, respectively, took to the microphone to confess, repent and ask God's forgiveness for all the sins, wrong doings and vices of the University, of the Pastors in the City, of the Fathers in their families, and of the Public Servants in the local Government that had compromised righteousness and justice and opened the door to unleash darkness and all manners of abuse, vice, corruption, injustice, unrighteousness and sinful action and activity upon the people, the institutions, and public offices of Iloilo City.

For the Raphah Team that facilitated and witnessed this powerful spiritual act, it was a fitting highlight and memorable climax to a week of teaching missions in Iloilo City.

Jesus indeed shall reign, with HIs sovereign rule, from Iloilo City - the City of Love - to the rest of the nation of the Philppines.

Glory to God always!





jesus reigns rtg drbogacia