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The Final Hour: How Should We Then Live?

From the time of its founding in 2003, a driving motivation for Raphah Ministries has been the desire to prepare believers for the return of Jesus through healing and restoring them to wholeness in Christ.

It was this "eye on eternity" that prompted Raphah Ministries in 2015 to offer its first End-Times seminar, "End Times and Bible Prophecy," followed respectively with update seminars in 2017, 'Nearing Midnight: Our Blessed Hope," and in 2019, "The Final Hour: How Should We Then Live?"

Praise God for the very affirming, encouraging and positive responses to these seminars whereever they had been held, especially for the "eye-opening," "quickening of the spirit," and "sense of urgency," that came upon many of the participants as they walked through the rapidly unfolding events of the final hour leading to the promised Return of the Lord.

Given the heady pace of unfolding events in the arena, the next update in the series is expected to be held in 2020 on a date to be announced.