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Contents Module 3

 School of Prayer Counselling: Module 3

 Implementing a Prayer Counselling Ministry

Unit 1.    The Vision and Need for a Prayer Counselling Ministry

  • Hurting People Hurt People; Healed People Help People
  • A Hurting and Wounded People in the Pew is not a Convincing or Efffective Witness in the Marketplace
  • Images of the Church in Action

Unit 2.    Implementing A Prayer Counselling Ministry

  • Recognition and Endorsement by Church Leadership
  • Identification and Calling of a Head for the Ministry
  • Ministry Office and Designated Prayer Counselling Rooms
  • Administrative Support
  • Operating Budget for Ministry
  • Prayer Support Group

Unit 3.    Identifying and Calling the Prayer Counselling Team

  • Desirable Qualities to look for in Prayer Counsellors
  • Undesirable Qualities to be avoided in Prayer Counsellors
  • Roles and Qualities of a Prayer Counsellor

Unit 4.    Training the Prayer Counselling Team

  • Basic Ministry Training
  • Training Roadmap
  • Ongoing Training/Counselling Team Days
  • Prayer Counsellors' Rule of Life

Unit 5.    Practical Ministry

  • General Guidelines
  • Designated Facilites and Setup
  • Personal Preparation of Prayer Counsellors
  • Prayer Counselling Team Roles and Dynamics in Session
  • Case Process, Management and Documentation
  • Prayer Counsellor's Training Log Book
  • Supervision and Assessment
  • Sample Pryaers

Unit 6.    Accountability and Confidentiality

  • Accountability and Hierarchy
  • Confidentiality
  • Completed Cases and Record Keeping

Unit 7.    Appendices

Appendix 1.    Desirable and Undesirable Qualities of a Prayer Counsellor
Appendix 2.    Roles and Qualities of a Prayer Counsellor
Appendix 3.    Contents of Module 1
Appendix 4.    Contents of Module 2
Appendix 5.    Training Roadmap for Prayer Counsellors and Teacher-Trainers
Appendix 6.    Raphah Ministries "Rule of Life"
Appendix 7.    Preliminary Interview Flow Chart
Appendix 8.    Prayer Counselling Flow Chart
Appendix 9.    Prayer Ministry Flow Chart
Appendix 10.    Prayer Ministry Questionnaire
Appendix 11.    Case History Summary Sheet
Appendix 12.    Personal History Time-Line
Appendix 13.    Prayer Ministry Record
Appendix 14.    Prayer Counselling Agreement
Appendix 15.    Prayer Counsellor Training Log