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Contents Module 1

 School of Prayer Counselling: Module 1

 Understanding the Issues & Roots

Unit 1.    The Biblical Foundations of Healing Ministry

  • Introduction
  • The Three Acts of the Great Cosmic Drama

Unit 2.    The Jesus Model or Pattern of Ministry

  • Jesus and the Work of the Cros
  • The Church: God's Instrument in Healing

Unit 3.    God's Purpose and Plan for Human Life

  • Introduction
  • God's Purpose and Plan for Human Life
  • God's Assignment for Parents
  • The Nurturing of Wholesome Identity and Destiny
  • The Vital Ingredients for the Nurturing of Wholesome Identity and Destiny

Unit 4.    The Reality of Human Life

  • Introduction
  • Consequences of the Lack of Wholesome and Godly Nurture
  • The Cycle of Rejection, Self-Rejection and the Fear of Rejection
  • The Downward Continuum from Self-Doubt to Self-Hatred to Suicide and Death
  • The Roots and Fruits of Rejection

Unit 5.    Healing the Broken-Hearted: Healing for the Inner Person

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Tri-Partite Nature of Man
  • The Spirit-Soul-Body Connection
  • The Ministry of Inner Healing (Ministry into the Inner Person)

Unit 6.    Freedom from Generational Iniquity

  • Introduction
  • The Principle of Generational Iniquity
  • Mechanism used to Transmit Sins, Resultant Consequences and Curses
  • Negative Family Patterns or Issues to Look For
  • Freedom from Generational Iniquity

Unit 7.    The Father-Heart of God

  • Introduction
  • The Father's (Perfect) Love
  • The Calling of Earthly Fathers
  • Consequences of Deep Wounding and Damage by the Missing or the Negative Father
  • How to receive the Father's Love

Unit 8.    Unmasking Anxieties, Fears and Phobias

  • Introduction
  • An Unholy Trinity: Fear, Worry, Anxiety (The Core of Mental Illness)
  • Anxiety Disorders Explained
  • Five Types of Anxiety Disorder (Mental Illness)
  • Secular Treatments and their Limitations

Unit 9.    Defeating Anxieties, Fears and Phobias

  • Introduction
  • Possible Spiritual Roots in the Past
  • Steps to Defeat Anxieties, Fears and Phobias

Unit 10.    The Spirit Realms

  • Introduction
  • The Visible and Invisible Realms: Their Correlation
  • The Demonic Realm

Unit 11.    Demonization and The Christian

  • Introduction
  • Entry Points and Demonization: Legal Rights and Open Doors
  • Transference of Demons through Legal Rights
  • Demonization After Conversion
  • Principal Entry Points
  • Possible Indications and Consequences of Demonization

Unit 12.    The Occult: Its Nature and Manifestations

  • Introduction
  • Defining and Discerning the Occult
  • Origins: Roots and Paths of the Occult
  • Nature and Characteristics of the Occult
  • Some Manifestations of the Occult
  • The Attraction and Appeal of the Occult

Unit 13.    The Occult: Its Dangers and Consequences

  • Introduction
  • Warnings in the Bible
  • Dangers and Consequences

Unit 14.    Honouring Godly Sex and Sexuality

  • Introduction
  • Sex is Satan's End-Time Weapon
  • Back to Creation
  • Male and Female Differences and Design
  • The Blessings of Obedience and the Consequences of Disobedience to God's Creation Ordinances

Unit 15.    Sexual Sin and Their Ungodly Expressions: Deviations and Perversions

  • The Nature and Purpose of Sex
  • Sexual Sin
  • A Demonstration of Ungodly Sexual Soul-Ties

Unit 16.    Roots and Consequences of Sexual Sin

  • Roots of Sexual Sin
  • Consequences of Sexual Sin (Fruits)
  • The Good News

Unit 17.    The Sin-Sickness-Disease Model and the Battle of Two Natures

  • The Sin-Sickness-Disease Model
  • The Battle of Two Natures

Unit 18.    Kingdom Keys to Healing and Freedom in Christ

  • Key#1    Salvation in Christ
  • Key#2    Lordship of Jesus Christ in All Areas of Life
  • Key#3    Loving and Accepting Self as God Loves and Accepts Us
  • Key#4    Confession, Repentance and Renu
  • Key#5    Forgiveness
  • Key#6    Breaking Curses, Pronouncements and Inner Vows
  • Key#7    Breaking Ungodly Soul-Ties
  • Key#8    Healing Deep Wounds and Traumas
  • Key#9    Deliverance
  • Key#10    Commitment


Appendix 1    How to Decide Between a Religious or Cultural Funeral Rite
Appendix 2    How to Determine the Spiritual Status of a Believer
Appendix 3    Occult Checklist
Appendix 4    References and Readings