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About the School

 Raphah School of Prayer Counselling and Healing

When God put it into the hearts of the joint-founders to start Raphah Ministries in 2003, He also gave them a vision and a commission: that of a Fire Station, and the instruction to go and train up firemen who would help put out the “fires of personal and spiritual conflict” in believers’ lives. Better yet, they would “teach believers not to play with fire” in the first place!

Over the years, this has remained Raphah Ministries’ core emphasis and ministry: training and equipping believers with the needful biblical truths, principles, skills and tools to tackle and resolve personal and spiritual issues hindering their discipleship and fruitfulness in Christ. 

The SCHOOL OF PRAYER COUSELLING AND HEALING is Raphah Ministries' Flagship Course for the training and equipping of believers for the work of prayer counselling and healing ministry.

The SCHOOL is offered in THREE (3) different formats:


Full-Day School

Instead of a continuous stretch of 10 days, the Full-Day School can also be conducted over 3 contiguous blocks of time, with short or extended breaks between blocks.


Extension School

The EXTENSION SCHOOL offers an identical curriculuum to the FULL-DAY SCHOOL, except that in the Extension School, the teaching content is offered through standalone seminars and short courses which are held regularly at Raphah Centres in PJ and Ipoh.

Participants on the Extension School attend the standalone seminars and complete the School requirements at their own pace and convenience. There is no time limit within which participants are required to complete the School. The attendance at - and work done on - these standalone seminars and courses are credited towards the requirements for completion of the School.

The charges for the Extension School include additional administrative costs because of the structure and longer duration of the School, and is therefore higher that that for the Full-Day School.

Besides Raphah's PJ and Ipoh Centres, the Extension School can also be conducted in churches or with congregations, subject to certain terms and conditions.


Residential School

The RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL OF PRAYER COUNSELLING AND HEALING —as the name suggests—is a 2-week learning programme covering both teaching and practical, hands-on sessions.

The Residential School offers participants a unique opportunity within a conducive stay-in environment to learn together, to fellowship, to bond, and to experience the healing of God for themselves.

Offering the same comprehensive curriculuum as the Flagship School, as well as opportunities to receive prayer counselling from the in-house prayer counselling team, the Residential School is an ideal option for pastors, ministers' spouses, church leaders, church workers, missionaries, missionary candidates, care workers, etc., to refresh, revive and renew themselves for Christian ministry; especially in the area of healing and restoration to wholeness in Christ.

Deliberately kept small in participant numbers—to facilitate greater interaction between participants and trainers—the School is offered occasionally, and as circumstances require.

The pilot Residential School of Prayer Counselling and Healing Ministry was held from October 9-22, 2014 at the new and completely redeveloped Methodist Centre, Port Dickson. 

A second and third Residential School—in partnership with the Center for Community Transformation (CCT) Group of Ministries, Philippines—were held at the CCT Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center (TRTC) in October 2016 and October 2017, respectively.